Usborne Very First Reading

Very First Reading

Usborne Very First Reading is an exciting series of books for children who are just starting to learn to read. It offers:

  • the appeal of imaginative rhyming stories and irresistible illustrations
  • the support of a well-researched framework
  • the enjoyment of shared reading with an adult

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If you want a great set of reading books for little'uns who have just started learning to read, look no further. This is inspired. The Independent

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Usborne Very First Reading is based on the principles of synthetic phonics, which is one of several phonics-based approaches teachers commonly use when teaching children to read.

Reading is both the key to success at school and the source of a lifetime’s pleasure. Usborne Very First Reading helps children develop the skills and motivation they need to read with confidence and enjoyment.

Sample spread from Book 1: Pirate Pat