Usborne Very First Reading takes beginning readers from learning their first letters to reading imaginative stories on their own with minimal support and guidance from an adult. Each book in the series builds on material in the previous books.

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The adult can easily help a child along in a positive way, helping to build confidence and a willingness to want to read new words. Teachers' Choice Award comment

Just starting out, books 1 - 7

In the first seven books, adult and child take turns reading, with the child's share becoming more substantial and more challenging in each book.

From Book 4 - Dog diary

I believe the strongest feature is that the first 7 books have you partner a child and adult up to read them together. Teachers' Choice Award comment

Give your child time to progress from one book to the next. Re-reading helps build a child's confidence and fluency.

Stage 1

Pirate Pat

Stage 2

The dressing-up box

Stage 3

A bus for Miss Moss

Stage 4

Dog diary

Stage 5

Grizzly bear rock

Stage 6

The Queen makes a scene

Stage 7

Stop that cow!

Growing in confidence, books 8 - 15

Starting with Book 8, the child reads the whole story with the adult providing help and support if needed.

From Book 8 - Moon zoom

From Book 14 - Knight fight

Books 8 – 15

Stage 8

Moon zoom

Stage 9

Run, rabbit, run!

Stage 10

Late night at the zoo

Stage 11

Wild school

Stage 12

The circus under the Sea

Stage 13

The monster diner

Stage 14

Knight fight

Stage 15

Mr. Mystery

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The fifteen books support the early years of learning to read and will help give your child a great start.

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